Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, I finally did it. I stripped all of the decals and old paint off of the T-Max. It was a really hard decision to make because once you start, there's no going back and I went all the way. The bike is going to look great! I bought this special paint called Chameleon paint. It's the paint that changes colors depending where you are standing looking at the bike. Gold to Green colour. I'm really stoked, I purchased brand new decals from Serotta and I had this really nice guy from England make a new set of Sun/Ringle Limelight decals for the rims. I'll add his website to my list of shout outs if he'll let me. If you need decals made, he's the man to see!! The old set was all worn and you couldn't tell if they were Limelight rims or not. I'm having the rims resprayed as well. I purchased a new/used stem. A beautiful anodized red aluminum Kore "Elite" ahead stem and a new rear cassette from Recon/Trotz an one piece aluminum 9 speed and the best part it's only 138 grams. 2 Shimano thumb shifter levers , 3 ring lever and a 10 speed lever that weighs 34 grams for both. To add to the levers, I will be purchasing the Pauls "Thumbies" to help to loose more weight. They look fantastic and I will be adding photo's of them shortly. Also a new Kore Ibeam saddle that comes in at a breath taking 124 grams and a brand new 1 inch Kor 300 headset that weighs a mind numbing 64 grams. "I shit you not!" I also purchased a used Ritchey "Prolite" titanium with ceramic bearings "which I added" bottom bracket that weighs 101 grams. Again "I shit you not!" Did you notice that I didn't mention the weight of the stem? Yeah, well that's a little heavy for me to mention but here it goes, 180 grams! Ouch!!! I'll take the hit on weight for the cool factor. Talk to you quick!!!

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