Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, my springs came in and I'll be showing the process that I used to add a good 2 1/2 inches of more travel to my Pace RC35 fork. There was no cutting of any kind of the fork and the only part I added to the fork were the springs. I prefer a softer ride than most but you can use any type springs that you like. The spring that I used was a light weight Rock Shox 100mm travel replacement spring kit that I purchased off the Internet for $19.99. I didn't have to spend any other money than that to do this project and the best part is that I did it in under an hour. Tools needed to use are a screw driver, a Dremel, 2 needle nose pliers, visegrips the new springs and some heavy duty grease/lube. Here is the fork completely taken apart. As you can plainly see the rubber bushing are totally spent. And the fork was not performing up to par.
In this photo I had to shave the bottom of the spring so that it would fit/sit inside that aluminum cap screw.
This photo shows me fitting the spring assembly to the stanchion. On the inside of the stanchion is a lock-nut and plastic washer. I also added a firmer spring (from my old Mantiou SX fork)(not pictured) inside the stanchion (the chrome tube) so the fork would have some damper/rebound properties like the forks today and to keep it from not being too mushy.

In this photo is the spring assembly, stanchion and fork leg all put together and I lubed all rubbing parts for a smooth quite travel.

In this photo is the completed fork with the c-clip cotter pin installed. While doing this I was crimping the c-clip back into shape and it flew off the visegrips and got me right in the left eye. It was truly painful and my eye is all bloodshot. So the lesson learned today is, always wear eye protection! And that's no joke. In this photo you can plainly see the amount of travel gained by replacing the bushings with the springs. The bike feels great and rebounds like new. I am very please with how this little project turned out.
Here is the finished product. Take a look at the photo below you can see that the front has a lot more travel than it use to. I have tested the fork and it's like new. You see the photo's and you are reading the descriptions and I am telling you, "it's that easy!" The best part is, I have a good 4 inches of actual travel now not the pretend travel that you sort-of get with those rubber bushings. Now that was a great $19.99 investment and in under an hours time, I think you guys would have to agree.. Talk to you quick!!!

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