Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here are acouple of quick photos I took of my new/used Pace fork. I have taken the steerer tube to have it replaced with an aluminum tube. That ought to lighten the fork by a good 1/3 of a pound. I have ordered 25 aluminum bolts to replace the cro-mo bolts that are on there now and that should lessen the weight as well. I am going to switch the brake bosses around to the front of the fork so I can lose one of the brake braces. And finally I am going to hack off the cro-mo stanchions and put in light weight springs instead of the rubber bushings that are in there now. That will be a drastic job to do but I assure you that it will work and I'll be giving you detailed information along the way. Talk to you quick!!!!


  1. fork looks nice
    But do not loose one of the bridges, you will notice that it becomes a sponge without it, the brakes are to strong for just one brake brace

  2. I have the fork mocked-up and on the bike and I was going to keep the two braces on it because it looks pretty badass. Thanks for the info. I really value your opinion and if you say keep both, I will. P