Monday, March 8, 2010

Bas so what you are saying about the geometry is the bike is built different with a shorter travel fork? Our T-Max's were originally built with rigid forks. What happens to either the bike or the way the bike rides if a fork is too big? You see, I knew I would need your help eventually. Like I have said earlier, "please let me know if I am making a mistake with any part of my rebuild." Thanks for that!!
Talk to you quick!!!

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  1. Yep!, that is what i am telling ;)
    With a long travel fork it is going to handle like a Orange county chopper,..
    3 or 4" travel is enough for XC, i guess you are not going to enter a DH race? ;) hehehehe

    and regarding the Disc brake, i asked Serotta to put one on the ATX when it went back for the restauration/repaint, but they refused to do that because the canti frames are not build to have these forces on the rear triangle, they are to lightweight build for that.