Thursday, March 4, 2010

The aluminum steerer tube should be ready on Friday (tomorrow). I weighed the fork before I took the cro-mo tube out and it was at 3lbs. and 2oz. With replacing all of the cro-mo bolts and the steerer my weight loss will be around a half of a pound. Not bad! Now to figure out if my Manitou aluminum stanchion will fit the Pace? The Pace has cro-mo stanchions "which I find alittle strange because they did everything else to lighten up the fork so why not just go all of the way by adding aluminum stanchions?" But we will never know now, will we? The weather here is so nice and I am jozen to get out and do alittle bit of ridding. There is one other thing I am looking at. It's a Manitou Super Air 100mm-120mm cartridge. Pace says that you can replace the rubber baby bumpers with a cartridge system. I heading in that direction. Any thoughts? Talk to you quick!!!


  1. looks ace on the Serotta, i thought the other fork looked to modern on the frame.

  2. Thanks for that. It looks even better fitted correctly. It was only mocked-up in that picture. But you have to admitt that the Manitou was a proper match. It was a dead on match for color scheme. I have to admitt that I am going to miss that fork,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for about a minute!!!lol