Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm back and with new pictures of some of the new hardware. I hope you like them.... I tried to do the before and after photo style but I got it backwards. So sue me, "right"? Honestly, the pictures don't do the upgrades justice. It looks so much better in person. I am truely happy with the way my bike has turned out so far so now I have to start looking for either a new hobby or a new life. I'm looking at upgrading my fork. I'm thinking either a Pace carbon fork or a Rock Shox SID. But the Sid is hard to find with a 1" steerer tube and the Pace are fairly common but I'll have to purchase it from someone over in jolly ole England. Right now a guy is getting back to me on if he can switch my cro-mo steerer to an aluminum steerer that I purchased awgile ago. If he can, that would be great but for how much? "Right?" I'm reading these mountain bike magazines and they are telling me that I should just buy a new bike instead of doing upgrades. That's because I have the 1" steerer tube. So that limits me on any long travel forks. I'd put my 15 plus year old bike up against any brandnew bike anyday. "With a long travel fork of course." Other than the fork, my T-Max is race ready and in the hands of a seasoned rider, I have no-doubts that he would place in the top 10. Ponder that people!!!!! Talk to you quick!!!

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