Friday, December 11, 2009

Well well well, hold the phone!! I found a 1 inch steerer tube for my other fork. This is fucking great! But the only problem is in our last conversation I was having my brother do some chop shop work on my Manitou SX fork. I'm hoping that as usual he didn't get to it and the fork is still in one piece. Let's hope people!! This is huge because I was already working with a lite fork and now with me finding a steerer tube for the Rock Shox fork this will only make my Serotta that much lighter. Plus I already painted it to match the T-Max and I have some stickers to tie it all in with the frame. I'll have to take a picture or two to show the progress. But as I suspect, I'm probably only talking to myself on this blog so I have no rush to post them. Also, it snowed about 2 feet yesterday and going for a ride is pretty much out of the question. Lastly, my tires came in and I pick them up from the bike shop today. I think I got hosed on the tubes but they were a birthday present from the parental units so no out of pocket expense was had. I will post them on as well. They are so cool and talk about a lite tire. Holy shit! It's all starting to come together and wouldn't you know it, winter is just starting!!!!??? Talk to you quick!!!!

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