Monday, December 14, 2009

The tires look nice right? Wait til you see the job I did on repainting the forks. It must be the season for giving because someone just gave me the talent to do such a nice job on these forks. Like I have said in previous posts, "I tend to rush things" which leeds to a half-ass job. Not this time. Even my brother, "the artist" was impressed with the job I did on the forks. Okay, enough about the forks.
Remember when I mentioned that the progress of the bike will have to depend on cash flow? Well, my eBay bucks will be activated this week and the money that was refunded by the U.S. Postal Service will be around $40.00. I'm thinking about selling my Ringle TiTanium skewers and using that money plus the eBay bucks/refund to purchase new and lighter skewers and rear pullies/jockeys. That's what is on the agenda for this next round of "What can I get next?"
That's it, talk to you quick!!....

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