Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still haven't made up my mind on rather to purchase new skewers and jockies or purchase new brake and shifter cables. My cables are pretty old and out of date. And I am sure that I can lose weight by changing them. They're Shimano XTR but they are starting to fray/unravle and break off in certain areas. You don't think about cables when trying to lose weight. I have done some digging and noticed that 2 to 3 onces can be saved. When you start to think about saving onces and the price it will cost you, I have come up with a dollar figure per once. The figure is around $35 to $45 per once that it will cost to loose weight. How much is it for dope I wonder? Let me know if you think my figure is close to being correct. Talk to you quick!!!!

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